Agnes Valentine is a premium contemporary swimwear label launched in 2009 by French designer Agnès Cushnie.

The label offers a revamped view of swimwear, envisioned to form an essential part of a girl’s wardrobe. The Collection displays some elements borrowed from a classic daywear wardrobe such as large shoulder straps, bow details and structured skirt panels.

Our contemporary designs are uniquely identified and combine luxury fabrics, fabulous colours and great attention to detail. By combining timeless sophistication with functionality, the swimsuit becomes the ideal swim attire all year round.

We believe in children dressed up appropriately but with flair. Our swimsuits are made for modern living. Kids will enjoy playing around the beach or rockpool feeling comfortable, looking stylish and be able to continue the excursion at nearby shops or surroundings with parents, fuss free!!

All pieces are made in Europe with low environmental impact, UPF 50+ premium Italian fabrics.